August 31 - Hilary Scott: End of Summer Celebration Dinner and Concert

Lit By the Sun Signature Series: End of Summer Courtyard Concert
Pairing the artistry of cuisine and the artistry of song

6:30pm Special End of Summer Menu by Executive Chef Chris Caes
7:30pm  Concert with Hilary Scott (Courtyard)

The Hotel Pattee is proud to present the Lit by the Sun Series, a pairing of the artistry of cuisine with the artistry of song. The hotel is filled with art of all kinds and was restored through the creative collaborative efforts and vision of talented people. In celebration of those efforts, we are showcasing the talents of our Executive Chef and talented musicians from around the country.
Our Executive Chef Chris Caes will create a wonderful End of Summer menu. This event will be a less formal dining experience and we will be announcing something new for the Hotel Pattee.
We are pleased to host musicians for a listening concert. It is an intimate experience where the audience is there to focus on the music without distractions, just the stories and songs that will be a night to remember.

Menu: Summer Courtyard Feast: Whole Roasting Pig, Smoked Pork Butt, Grilled Local Sweet Corn, Cornbread Cakes, Sausage/Brat Bites, Watermelon Salad, Coleslaw, Tomato Salad

Sold Out

Hilary Scott is an award-winning singer-songwriter who brings her unique brand of melodic and lyrically memorable indie/pop songs to audiences nationally and internationally. Jeff Dame of Northeast In-Tune has this to say about Hilary and her music: "Hilary has the potential to be as big as the likes of Alanis Morrisette, Tori Amos, or Sheryl Crow. Listen to her now and you can say, 'I've been in from the beginning.'" 

Hilary began her songwriting and solo performance career in Seattle, then moved to Columbia, Missouri in 2000, where she founded The Hilary Scott Band. In their years together the band have toured regionally and nationally, opening for artists such as Chuck Berry, Little Feat, Beth Orton, Dave Alvin, Tanya Tucker, Rebecca Loebe of The Voice, and more. In January, 2011, as a solo artist, Hilary opened for Cock Robin at La2Deuche in Auvergne, France. The French newspaper, La Montagne said: "... an astounding opening performance by Hilary Scott - (what a voice!!!!)" Hilary has toured extensively in the US, and abroad in France, Italy, Japan, South Korea and Vietnam. 

On November 1, 2011, Hilary Scott’s St. Louis-based band, Hilary Scott and The New County Line released their debut EP entitled Still, which has been embraced by fans and critics alike. Reviewer Melissa Nastasi says: “Hilary Scott and The New County Line’s 'Still' is a standout album of the year. This is the making of a classic. A stunning record that knows no boundaries..." Indie Showcase reviewer, Shashona McCall has this to say..."Like a fine wine, Hilary Scott's tremendous vocal skill continues to evolve leaving her fans worldwide in awe. This beautiful young lady has toured throughout the globe and has been awarded accolades and support from far and near. [The Still EP] has 5 delicious songs that take you on a journey through music. Though Hilary Scott is an exceptional songwriter, I believe she has progressed into a master storyteller as well. "Still" takes us through emotions like the colors in a kaleidoscope." 

Hilary Scott’s music has garnered much industry attention, receiving airplay on community, college, commercial, internet, and satellite radio. Amanda Dahling of The Missourian writes, "Hilary's music is marked by a strong voice, fluid guitar playing, accessible songs...these same attributes are gaining attention from the music industry." John Kulidas, while general manager of WCSU Chicago State University's radio station has said, "Hilary is definitely in our rotation, we're getting very good response, we're looking at her as an up-and-comer. Just the other day one of my colleagues was asking, 'where are all the Carol Kings nowadays?' Well, here you are!" 

Hilary was the first woman featured on the cover of Inside Columbia Magazine, and voted "Best Local Artist" in the same magazine several times. Her exposure to international fans is also growing. Chi Lin Music in Taiwan picked up Indigo for distribution. 

Recently, Hilary was asked to perform in the Americana Music Series hosted by industry phenom Michael O'Neill, which features some of the best songwriters working today. From this experience she has been asked to perform at the Americana Music Series UK/Europe in July 2013, as part of an extended tour of the UK, and will have the opportunity to open for Paleface in March in St. Louis as part of the series as well. 

Hilary is the owner and president of her own corporation, and was signed to the independent label, Belltown Records, in 2003. She has co-produced and recorded ten albums and one single. Her songs and albums garner impressive digital sales and physical CD sales have done very well, even in this digital environment. She has many popular videos on You Tube and her website. 

Hilary has recorded with Nashville producer Matthew Wilder, and was signed for a five song writing and publishing deal with him in 2005. She has had the opportunity to write with Nashville royalty Angela Kaset and John Goodwin. In 2012, Hilary returned to Nashville to showcase at Castle Studio for a corporate sponsor networking event and to continue the project with Wilder. Four of these songs will be released as singles in 2013. Hilary was also asked by legendary songwriter Keith Colley to write the theme song for his "Can Do" project entitled "America's Song." Hilary's song 'And Just' was produced as a single by Italian producer Euro Ferrari (Bjork, Sting, Pavarotti) after her festival win in 2010. Ferrari had this to say about Hilary and her music: "...Hilary Scott writes and sings in a way that creates a fascinating and intimate world, and it is enough for her to utilize only a whisper to raise deep emotions in the listener. Her voice is absolutely extraordinary in its emotional would be difficult for her pop/country style not to enter deep into the heart, in every way."