July 11, 2017 by: Aaron Lenz

Our Favorite Rooms at the Hotel Pattee

Our Favorite Rooms at the Hotel Pattee

At the Hotel Pattee, every one of our 40 rooms is absolutely unique. A lot of thought and creativity was put into designing and curating each room to make your experience at the Hotel Pattee memorable and distinct. Some rooms honor the history and culture of Iowa, others celebrate the spirit of the Midwest, and others commemorate a prominent figure or group in our community. The themes span the globe, from Central America to Southeast Asia, and take you on a journey across the American heartland, from the earliest Native American settlers to the farmers who came to Iowa in search of fertile land and a fresh start. You can always browse our Amenities page to find the perfect room or suite for you, or check out this list of some of the Hotel Pattee’s personal favorites. While each room in our hotel is special, these are the the rooms that we think really stand out.


1. The Dutch Room

Dutch immigrants formed the bedrock of the Iowa countryside. Many Dutch immigrants moved to Iowa in the early 1800s in search of fertile farmland. To honor them, we have designed this room in the Dutch Hindeloopen style. Hindeloopen art is a decorative Dutch folk art featuring intricate designs, often of flowers, birds, and maritime scenes. In our Dutch Room, we have included beautiful blue-patterned furniture and colorfully painted surfaces in the traditional Hindeloopen style.


2. The Louis Armstrong Room

Did you know that Louis Armstrong actually stayed at the Hotel Pattee in the 1950s after playing at the Lake Robbins Ballroom? With its luxe New Orleans style decor, wood burning fireplace, and classic photographs of the jazz icon, this is understandably one of our most requested rooms. 


3. The Japanese Room


The Japanese Room is one of the most unique and visually striking rooms in the Hotel Pattee. This room was designed by Luke Willis, a Japanese-American descendent of Perry’s founder, Harvey Willis. It features a raised platform bed with traditional tatami mats, warm wood paneling, and limited furniture to reproduce the subtlety and simplicity of the traditional Japanese style.


4. The Telital Room

Perry, Iowa has a long tradition of strong local journalism. This room celebrates The Perry Chief, Perry’s town paper since 1874. We designed this room in the style of a 1930s newspaper office, complete with a manual typewriter, antique radio, and old-fashioned telephone. During your stay, you might feel inspired to follow a juicy lead and break a hot story in the tradition of the great journalists of yore.


5. The R.M Harvey Room

Lots of people dream of running away to the circus. Booking a stay in the R.M Harvey room is almost as good. When you step inside the room, you’ll feel like you are stepping inside a colorful circus Big Top. This room was named after R.M Harvey, a circus agent and promoter in Iowa for over 60 years. The room’s bright colors, vintage posters, and authentic circus memorabilia will take you back to the days of the Ringley Brothers and Barnum & Bailey.

6. The Cream 'N Eggs Room

In order to make a living and provide for their families during the hard times of the 1930s, many farm women sold cream and eggs. In this room, we celebrate these oft-forgotten female Iowans and the staples that allowed them to survive. We’ve included old milk bottles, colorful quilts, a weather vane, and even an authentic churn to really allow you to get a taste of the traditional farming life. We also have displayed two framed women’s dresses made from feed sacks, a popular garment choice for women and children during the Great Depression. 


7. The American Indian Room

The Hotel Pattee could not celebrate the history and culture of Iowa without creating a room in honor of Native Americans. Iowa is a Native American word after all, meaning “Beautiful Land.” We have dedicated this room to the Native American tribes that lived on the land before European settlers arrived, including the Ioway, the Sac, and the Fox. We’ve included colorful Native American fabrics, wall designs, and artwork to showcase the work of America’s indigenous settlers and pay tribute to the many descendants who continue to live in Iowa to this day.

Did you see a room here that you’d love to stay in? Want to check out some of other unique rooms and suites? Book direct now for best rates and amenities. 


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