Alton School Room>

Alton School Room>

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For nearly a century young Iowans learned to read and write in one-room schools like Alton School on the outskirts of Perry. This room celebrates all who learn and all who teach.

Opened in 1867 and closed in 1961, Alton School was one of many one-room schools that formed the backbone of what remains our nation's finest public school system. this room honors those who learned and those who taught in those schools. Today the Alton School can be toured at the Dallas County Forest Park Museum just outside Perry.

In this room you'll see old photos of the old school located in Perry along with pictures of former US presidents Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. Some of the other features you'll see include a slate chalkboard, abacus, and a desk that resembles those used in the Alton School.

"Because of the nature of having to teach so many age groups at once, there were never quite enough teachers. I interviewed a woman who taught in 1922 in a country school. She described her day: She got up in the morning, fed her horse, attached it to the buggy. She rode to the school, tied up the horse, and once she had started a fire inside the schoolhouse, she was ready to teach. and she got no help from her husband. Once you got married, you couldn't teach.
Teachers had to be single women or men. For example, the woman I'm talking about taught school for three years from 1922 to 1925. Then she married and her teaching career was over." - Pam Jenkins from Inside the Hotel Pattee


Cabin Features

  • Queen Bed
  • Window Seat
  • Shower/Tub Combo
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