Cream 'n' Eggs Room>

Cream 'n' Eggs Room>

Farm women of the 1930s kept their families alive by selling cream and eggs. Get a glimpse of their world in this cozy room with a queen bed.

The overall room design offers several unique features including the carpet that has been woven to model the homemade rag rugs that were popular among many Iowa homes. You'll find a variety of early artifacts including milk bottles, a rooster weather vane, and an old churn as well.

One of the most unique features of this room is definitely the two women's dresses framed on the wall that were actually made of feed sacks. This recycled fabric was popular for women and children's clothes during the tough times of the Great Depression.

"...They had to learn. Because when you couldn't get money for your cattle, you could always get money for cream and eggs."
-Pam Jenkins, Inside the Hotel Pattee.


Room Features

  • 1 Queen Bed
  • Adjoins Room 208
  • Shower/Tub Combo
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