Gustav Stickley Room>

Gustav Stickley Room>

Gustav Stickley was born to German parents in Osceola, Wisconsin in 1858. Due to his contributions to the American Arts & Crafts and to the town of Perry, Iowa this room theme was modeled to pay tribute to both of them.

The German heritage had a dramatic impact on early farm life in Iowa. Germans came to Iowa to farm the rich soil, but often times they had to deal with land that had been abused and over cultivated by past residents. Through their past farming skills learned over the centuries of Europeon life they were able to help rejuvenate these once damaged crops in rural Iowa. As a result of this, profitable farming businesses had a dramatic impact on the state and local economies.

In the Stickley Room you'll see photographs of a woman named Maria (Seifert) Bills that originally as a child was on her way to a German death camp. However she and her sister were rescued and began their new life in Perry where they along with so many other German immigrants were able to realize the American dream.

One of the other significant achievements of Stickley includes his work to create the "Craftsman" style of American furniture. He believed in the principle that this art form or style should reflect upon the everyday lives of people. In addition Stickly also published the magazine The Craftsman that provided patterns for for building houses. Even today, houses based on the Craftsman style still stand showing the impact of the Craftsman style of architecture. During your stay in the Stickley room you'll enjoy furnishings that are reproductions of early Gustav Stickley designs.


Room Features

  • One King Bed
  • Shower/Tub Combo
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