Marching Band Room>

Marching Band Room>

What is a small Midwestern town without a marching band? Not much. Think of a football game at half-time, the air cool and crisp, the home team ahead by at least a touchdown, your legs covered with warm blankets, steaming thermoses pouring out hot, rich liquids, and riding the night sky the rousing strains of Sousa march or show rune from the high school marching band. This room says thanks for those memories.

This room theme was built around the fact that Iowans love marching bands. One of the most distictive aspects that you'll notice is the headboard of the bed that was built entirely of instruments by artist Rob Brennan. The lamps in the room are also constructed out of other musical instruments. Also featured in the room is a dark chair that was made to look like a marching band uniform and the drapes also resemble a piece of the band uniform as well.


Room Features

  • Queen Bed
  • Adjoins Room 308
  • Shower/Tub Combo
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