Quilting Room>

Quilting Room>

Few things are more reminiscent of country living than quilts. For centuries women from all over the world have made quilts to keep their own families warm or to provide extra money for the food budget. In more recent year, art quilters have created fabric designs that are far to wonderful to be used as bedding. Whatever the purpose of the finished product, quilting has longbeen a way for women to express themselves.

It also became part of the social culture of small town livng. We remember growing up with ladies who spent one afternoon a month in the church basement making clothing for people and tying quilts. Fine quilts, of course, were quilted not tied. For centuries quilt making has been one of those necessities that, has also been an art. This room honors the art and those who practice it.


Room Features

  • Two Queen Beds
  • Shower/Tub Combo
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