Visiting the RAGBRAI/BRR Room at the Hotel Pattee may be almost as much fun as setting out on one of the rides. Primary colors, black and white photos of life on the rides, embroidered patches, bedspreads marked like the highways, and lots of folk and fine art capture the spirit of biking in fresh country air, summer or winter. California artist/sculptor Rob Brennan, known for sculptures made of found objects, created the headboards, tables, and several of the other lamps using various bicycle parts and pieces,, including a unicycle and a water bottle. Perry folk artist Betsy Peterson put one of her Humpties on a bike in the niche, and Mary Kline-Misol painted the frieze mural, showing the route of both rides along with portraits of people who made it happen.

Across America people travel every summer to take part in the "Register's Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa" (RAGBRAI). RAGBRAI was started in 1973 by the Des Moines Register feature writer/copy editor John Krause, an avid bicyclist, and Donald Kaul, writer of The Des Moines Register's "Over The Coffee" column. The ride attracted between 300 and 500 bicyclists the first year and is limited to 8,500 weekly riders and 1,500 daily riders for reasons of safety. The tradition is to put your bike's back wheel in the Missouri and its front wheels in the Mississippi. This means that you've completed RAGBRAI.

In the winter the intrepid bundle up for the Bike Ride to Rippey (BRR), which covers the nine (very cold) miles from Perry to Rippey the first Saturday in February each year - rain, shine, snow, sleet, hail, whatever. About 1,500 people ride or at least come to Perry for the event.


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