King's Daughters Room>

King's Daughters Room>

About the time the Pattee's were building a hotel, local members of various King's Daughters Circles, led by the Alpha Circle, were raising funds to build the King's Daughters Hospital where thousands of Perry residents were born and died. The King's Daughters did more than build hospitals. They and their descendants continue to "lend a hand" wherever they can. This room honors those women and all those who give their time to help others.
One of the events that put the King's Daughters Hospital in the history books involved the infamous gangsters Bonnie and Clyde. Bonnie and Clyde along with Clyde's brother Marvin (known as Buck) and his wife Blanche, were known as the Barrow Gang. On July 29, 1933 having stole a car in Perry and recovering from wounds sustained earlier, the Barrow Gang camped out near Dexter, IA. After a posse opened fire on them, Clyde and Bonnie escape. Blanche was captured. Buck Barrow was wounded and rushed to the King's Daughter hospital in Perry where he later died.

Despite its brief flirtation with a rowdy passage of gangster history, the King's Daughters Room is a peaceful place.


Room Features

Two Queen Beds
Handicap Accessible
Jet Spa Tub
Walk In Shower

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