VT Snick Hamlin Room>

VT Snick Hamlin Room>

Years ago, the Perry Daily Chief hired a local kid, Snick Hamlin, who liked to draw. He created a cartoon strip, "Alley Oop," that captured the heart of our nation. This room honors him.

On August 7, 1933, a caveman named Alley Oop first appeared in America's newspaper comics. Not long thereafter, Alley encountered a dinosaur named Dinny, and the two formeda partnership -- Alley Oop not only rode on Dinny's back but adopted him as a pet. The two prehistoric characters were always getting in trouble in the Land of Moo's jungles, where dangers lurked and not so friendly dinosaurs threatened. Later Alley and a lovely cave girl named Ooola fell in love, and other characters began to come and go. Eventually, a time machine entered the picture, and Alley Oop and friends were surveying the modern world by Vincent Trout Hamlin, who was born in Perry, IA in 1900.Family members called young Vincent "Snick" and although he never really liked the nickname, it stuck.

In the room you'll find items relating to Hamlin's life in Perry framed and hung on the walls. In addition to these items you'll also see a large version of Dinny the Dinosaur painted on the wall courtesy of Perry artist Betsy Peterson. The room features two queen beds and the bedspreads for each were actually taken from a bedspread originally featured in the Alley Oop comic book. Finally you'll find photos of Hamlin on the walls and pages of the Perry High School Year featuring this famous Midwestern cartoonist.


Room Features

  • Two Queen Beds
  • Adjoins Room 302
  • Jet Spa Tub
  • Walk In Shower
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