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Welcome to Perry


Located at 408 1st Street


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“Smoked slow… Served fast!” Located just off of highway 141, Bett & Bev’s BBQ offers smoked BBQ comfort food.

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Located at 1215 2nd Street


Common Wealth Provisions is located in Perry’s downtown historic district in a beautifully restored building offering deli sandwiches for lunch and specialty pizza for dinner.

Pizza Hours: Wednesday - Thursday 5 PM - 8 PM

          Friday - Saturday 5 PM - 10 PM

          Sunday 5 PM - 8 PM

Casa de Oro

Located at 1211 2nd Street


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Located in Perry’s downtown historic district, Casa de Oro is an authentic Mexican food restaurant with a  full service bar.

Located at 1221 8th Street


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Serving authentic Mexican food and American favorites.

El Sabor Mexicano
Taco Truck


Located at 1114 1st Street

Located at 1417 1st Avenue


Authentic, flavorful Mexican food with outdoor seating.

Everything is better with sprinkles! Serving up your favorite classic frozen treats and some new creations, Frio is located right behind the Hotel Pattee.

La Ventura (Tacos y Pupusas)

Located at 1209 Lucinda Street

(515) 465 - 5265

Located within walking distance of the Hotel Pattee, this local Mexican restaurant is known for their authentic tacos and pupusas.

Located at 2720 Willis Avenue

(515)465 - 5941

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A great family diner with tasty food and great service. This local diner located on the east side of Perry services breakfast and lunch.

Located at 1117 2nd Street


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Located in Perry’s downtown historic district, Mandarin Café has been serving diverse and delicious Asian cuisine to hungry customers for over 27 years in Perry, Iowa.

Metro Buffet

Located at 405 1st Street


Sit down and take out buffet dining experience.

Located at 1223 Otley Ave


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From fried chicken and burgers to tacos and pupusas this downtown restaurant has something to satisfy everyone.

Located at 1112 Willis Ave


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Come aboard The Pattee Café for a dining experience that will be a memorable occasion. Located on the main level of our Hotel Pattee, enjoy menus with a variety of American Cuisine that will be sure to fancy your taste buds.

Located at 1201 Warford Street


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Perry Perk is a family owned coffee shop located in the heart of Perry, Iowa. Where friends meet and coffee makes your taste buds smile.

Taqueria Villa

Located at 1319 2nd Street

(515) 465 - 4266

Taquería is a Spanish word meaning taco shop. Originally, the word refers to Mexican street stands or vendors. However, in some regions the art form can be experienced outdoors from a taco truck and indoors at restaurants. Taqueria Villa is an inclusive establishment who has master the art of making an authentic Mexican taco.

Located at 1010 2nd Street

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A drinking hole where you can sit back, relax, and have a drink with friends who are more like family! Play some pool or enjoy the outdoor patio and listen to your favorite jukebox music.

Located at 1213 2nd Street

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The Classiest Dive Bar in America! Classy, clean, unpretentious local pub.

Located at 1203 2nd Street

(515)642 - 0044

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Local family owned restaurant that serves a variety of food from salads, sandwiches, burgers, BBQ, steaks, pastas, and more.

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