Located at 924 Otley Avenue



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Located in a reproduction old church, Alice’s Haus Dresin is a must see in your travels to Perry. Alice will help you with all of your decorating needs, from picking out paint colors, window treatments and counter tops, to showing you her wide array of home furniture and home accessories.

Located at 1109 2nd Street


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Atelier at 1109 is a space to create, not a place to work. This coop-style artisan gallery features textiles and fiber arts, glass arts, print craft, and screen printing and spans three buildings in the downtown historic district of Perry. Atelier at 1109 offers adult and children’s classes weekly.

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Atelier at 1109

Located at 1124 2nd Street



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Ben's Five and Dime

Located at 1221 2nd Street


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Ben Franklin Variety in Perry is three stores in one! Enjoy a nostalgic trip into the past while  shopping at Ben’s Five and Dime. Located in three neighboring,  beautifully restored buildings in Perry’s historic district. Ben Franklin Variety features custom  framing, nostalgic toys, a quilters paradise, floral and more!

Located at 1121 2nd Street



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Mary Rose Collection

Located at 1215 Warford Avenue



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This beautifully restored building housing Mary Rose is packed with hand-crafted gifts, artwork by local artists, stained glass, and antiques. At Mary Rose filling a home is about honoring craftsmanship and honing one’s sense for what type of place best allows you to thrive, relax, be inspired, and enjoy life’s blessings.

Mary Rose Interior.jpg

Located at 1118 2nd Street


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The Scottish Fox sells fabulous finds for you and your home! Look inside this beautiful restored shop located in the downtown historic district of Perry and find the perfect home accessories. The Scottish Fox offers unique pieces and a wide range of home décor furnishings.

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Located at 1323 2nd Street


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Wenger Auction Service is located in the unique and historic Perry Chief building on 2nd Street. Filled with antique finds, Wenger Auction Service has something new every time you stop in.

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